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All Inclusive Christmas Light Installation

Turn-Key Christmas Light Installation in Katy Texas
If you are looking for a Christmas Light installer who will provide the lights and service to put them up and take them down. Give us a call or fill out the form on this page.

If you would like to avoid the hassle of shopping for Christmas Lights, or digging the old ones out of the attic, then contact us. Why mess with a big jumbled mess of tangled lights only to find out that they don't work. We will install lights on your house for a single price. The all-inclusive service includes putting up lights and taking them down as per your requirements.

LED Christmas Lights

Save money with LED Christmas Lights.
What do you think about lighting your entire home and use 90% less electricity while doing it?

There has been a major shift in lighting technology in the past few years. LED Christmas lights are quickly replacing older incandescent light bulbs. The new LED lights are cool to the touch and use up to 90% less energy. They are also more durable and longer strings of light can be operated from a singular electrical outlet. This allows for fewer timers, extension cords and makes installation easier. The cool operating temperature is also safer.

Additional Lighting Options

Ask us about renting accents and other decoration such as large wreaths, snowflakes, ribbons, and bows.
In this picture you can see a few lighted snowflakes and a lighted star.

We have a number of lighted design elements such as Christmas wreaths, snowflakes, bows, and ribbons. Any of these additional decorations will give your Christmas Lighting display even more beauty. To take advantage of these items it is best that you schedule your Christmas Light installation as early in the season as you can. We usually rent these items out in just a few days to a week or so.

If you have your own displays such as lighted topiaries, manger, snowmen, or other we can put them up for you for a small additional fee.

Hanging Your Lights from A Previous Christmas Season

Merry Christmas to all the residents of Katy Texas.
House in Katywith LED Christmas Lights, and landscaping lighting provided for an all inclusive turnkey Christmas Light Installation.

If you have your own Christmas Lights, we leave it up to the individual installer to decide whether or not to hang them for you. Your lights should be un-tangled, tested and working. In addition, you should also provide all clips, hangers, or ground spikes as needed. You should moreover, provide any extension cords, timers, or other installation hardware needed. We reserve the right to turn down an install if the condition of the lighting is not as represented over the phone.