Wrapping Trees With Christmas Lights

We Wrap Trees with Lights

If you have a large oak tree or palm trees in your front yard they both look fantastic wrapped in Christmas Lighting.

We have all most likely have seen those idealistic homes on the Christmas light tours that have a number of trees covered with lights from the truck up every limb. You to could have a winder wonderland of Christmas Trees in your front yard, as long as you have the trees that is.

We Lights Hedges

By adding a combination of net lighting and and mini-lights bushes and shrubs burst with Christmas spirit.

A hedgerow in the front of your home is ideal for installation of net lighting or professionally laid out string lights. You won't be disappointed with the added lighting in front of your home.

Lighting The Trees as Part of Your Design Is a Good Idea, but it can be dangerous working from a ladder.

Christmas lighting designs that incorporate trees, bushes, shrubs, and ground lighting often win neighborhood Christmas Lighting design awards.
House in Katy with LED Christmas Lights, and landscaping lighting provided for an all inclusive turnkey Christmas Light Installation.

Putting Christmas Lights in Trees

If you are thinking of putting lights in your trees please consider the danger involved in working from a ladder. In addition leaning a ladder against a tree is not very safe. We suggest having a helper and having them help with the installation. A six foot or taller a-frame step ladder works well. If you are lucky enough to have an orchard ladder that would be your best option. There maybe times that you need to get into the tree itself, just be careful and work slowly.

It is best to start at the base of the tree and winding mini-lights around the trunk of the tree with about three inch spacing between wraps. Work your way up the trunk and out to the tips of the limbs as far as possible and then back to the main trunk. Move on to the next branch and keep repeating the process until all of the trunk and branches are wrapped with Christmas Lights. Wrapping a tree with lights can take a significant amount of lights. You can usually find a wide range of mini-lights on Amazon.com that will work. An average sized oak tree can take 200-500 feet of lights.

Simplify Putting Christmas Lights in Your Trees

If you would like to outsource the lighting of your trees, bushes, shrubs, grounds, and home just give us a call and we can take care of everything while you enjoy the holiday with your friends and family.